Reassessing the Barriers of Consciousness: Embodiment, Mind, and Animality

We have unquestioningly crowned the Homo sapien as the king of nature and as the organism most deserving of compassion and sympathy; it is separate and elevated above all other animals. Why?


Ashes to Ashes: A Narrative of the Life of a Wolf-Dog.

"Yeah, I'm the big bad f*cking wolf. What're you gonna do about it punk? And yeah, I'll eat your whole flock of sheep, your grandmother, and I'll huff and puff and blow your flimsy ass house down while I'm at it too!"

Overcoming Left Melancholia, Pt. 1: Diagnosis

I felt shame, because I also had succumbed to the political paralysis caused by the melancholic condition, which at times made me ineffective as an agent of radical change. I had become so attached, so doctrinaire even, to a set of ideals and values that I couldn’t acknowledge or celebrate any of the victories I helped win, or see new opportunities that were right in front of me to catalyze change.


We are constantly in a process of social adjustment by anticipating how others will perceive and react to our actions and vice versa. We are perpetually engaged in a sort of human chess game, with the board being society itself.