My name is Austin Hoffman, and I am an activist, fledgling anthropologist, and struggling writer. Over the past several years I have tried writing about various things–music, film, sports, history–with varying degrees of consistency and success. Libertas Lupus is yet another one of these attempts, because I just can’t seem to stop writing for some reason.

This is a forum and blog revolving around issues of environmentalism, racial justice, labor rights, animal rights, and philosophy. The ideas and topics presented here are based off my own life experiences as a union organizer and Black Lives Matter activist, as well as my research as an academic. I hold degrees in Sociology and Philosophy from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and plan to attend graduate school in the near future to continue my work in social movements, embodiment, and political subjectivity.

But until my return to the world of academia, I am living with wolves in the Southern Rocky Mountains. I am currently the Education Coordinator at Mission: Wolf, a remote sanctuary for wolves and wolf-dogs nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. I do what I can to help people see the wolf for what it actually is–an elusive, peaceful wild animal that plays a crucial role in our ecosystem– rather than the bloodthirsty killing machine that fairy tales and media sensationalism have made it out to be.

The title of this website, Libertas Lupus, as many of you have already deciphered I’m sure, is latin for “Freedom of the Wolf”. Ultimately, I believe that human freedom is bound up with the freedom of nonhumans. Until animals are emancipated from the cruelty and modes of production they are subjected to by modern society, I do not believe we as homo sapiens can be truly free in an ethical or spiritual sense. The wolf, which is likely the most unfairly demonized and hated animal in history, is the perfect metaphor for this ethos of mutual liberation between animals and humans.

I welcome all critiques, questions, comments, and witty banter you as the reader may offer me.

In love and solidarity,

♠-Austin Hoffman- ♠